With 5 elegant looks .. Iyad Nassar flirts with his wife to celebrate her birthday


Artist Publishing Iyad Nassar A group of photos through his personal account on the Instagram photo and video site, which combines him and his wife.

Artist wrote Iyad Nassar Through the pictures he said: The time in Nisabali is the time you spend with you..Not like that..I am waiting for the time you spent with you..I love you, may everyone be happy … Happy birthday.
And the artist’s wife appeared Iyad Nassar With elegant and distinctive looks that caught the eye, for her choice and her high taste in choosing the style that appeared in the pictures, from us that she does not prefer to put makeup much and suffice with lipstick.

The pictures admired many of the fans, and some commented: “May God keep you together … love is sweet.”


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