Witness: A lightning bolt strikes a passenger plane in the sky of Britain


A sudden lightning bolt struck a passenger plane minutes after taking off from Birmingham Airport on the way to Dublin, Ireland.

Video footage showed the moment when the thunderbolt of the “Air Lingus” plane struck, amid bad weather, due to the strong “Ceara” storm that struck Europe recently.

However, the plane continued its flight safely, and in the video, the plane can be seen steadily making its way through the night sky over a residential area, while lightning flashed and faded within seconds.

A spokeswoman for Birmingham Airport confirmed that the plane was indeed subjected to lightning bolt, but it is designed to withstand fluctuations and accidents of normal weather and bear and face lightning, pointing out that the plane was not damaged and that it arrived safely at Dublin airport on time.

The storm “Ceara” yesterday resulted in the death and injury of a number of people in Europe, while others were injured, as well as hundreds of flights were canceled and the movement of trains between France and Britain as well as Germany was suspended.

The storm hit “Ceara” in northwestern Europe, such as Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland, and caused damage, floods and blackouts.

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