Yalla Shot “Derby Fury” watching the Milan and Inter Milan match broadcast live today 9-2-2020 Italian Serie A


Watch the Inter Milan match, live broadcast: In Derby, one of the strongest European derby, Inter Milan meet the Milan team within the framework of the twenty-third round of the Italian League, on Sunday 9-2-2020 of February, and Inter Milan seeks to compete for the league title after being dominated by the Juventus team for many seasons, At this point, the Inter team is right to win the capital derby against Milan, after the Juventus team won yesterday its match against Juventus and Hellas Verona, which results in two goals versus one goal.

The Milan and Inter Milan match in the Italian League and the formation of the two teams

The expected Inter Milan squad

Goalkeepers: Daniel Badley.

Defense line: Daniel Badelli – Setvan de Frei – Diego Godin.

Midfield: Ashley Young – Christian Erickson – Nikolo Barilla – Marcelo Prozovich – Antonio Candriva.

Expected Milan lineup

Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Donnaroma

The defensive line is from: David Calabria – Simon Cair – Alessio Romanioli – Theo Hernandez

Midfield: Samuel Kastijjo – Frank Casey – Ismail bin Nasser – Hacken Calangolo

Offensive line: Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Raphael Liao 19

Inter Milan and Milan match and the ranking of the two teams in Italian

The Inter Milan team, led by coach “Nerazzurri”, offers a great performance in this season because until this moment it is very close to crowning the Italian League title, where Inter is temporarily second in the league with 51 points, and if it wins against Milan, it is due to the top spot. The league is a goal difference, and on the other hand, the Milan team is slowly coming back after a series of poor results in the previous seasons, and the Milan team occupies tenth place with 31 points.

It is expected that the match will witness absences between the two teams, where the player Sensi, the player Gialiardini and Valero, and the player Martinez will be absent due to the suspension, while the expected absences will be in the Milan team who are Duarte, the player Corniche and Belia, and it is expected that the “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium will witness a mass presence Great for the importance of the match because it carries a lot of fun suspense, because in short it is the capital derby.

The date of the Inter Milan match in the Italian League and the carrier channels

Al Ain newspaper offers you the date of the Milan and Inter Milan match, and the start of the match begins this evening at six oclock Mecca local time, and at five oclock Cairo and Palestine time, and the match is transmitted via the BN Sport 4 channel on the “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium

The meeting card

the matchMilan VS Inter
The championshipItalian Leauge
The appointmentFebruary 9, 2020
The timing22:45 Mecca time + 21:45 Egypt time

Followers of the Al Ain newspaper, we are close to the match between Milan and Intel Milan in the Italian derby, we wish you a good follow-up through the official channels, the channels BN Sport, the time remaining for the Inter Milan and Milan match is two hours and 45 minutes approximately.


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