You are now following Arabic founder Othman 9, translated .. Episode 9 of the series Osman 9 Resurrection via Al-Nour website and the frequency of the Yarmouk carrier channel kurulus osman 9


The ninth episode of the series “The Resurrection of Othman” There are increasing searches at that time Ali The events of episode 9 of the series, Founder Othman Al-Ghazi bin ArtgrelAnd, because the series carries very strong events, working to attract the attention of viewers, Osman Ghazi managed to escape from the hands of the men of Sofia in the last episode after the help of a man, which makes him in planning a new war, with the help of Ertugrul the Great who came from Macedonia after restricting the daughter And torture, where fans of the series expected that Artgrel had died in the last episodes of the series Artegral Resurrection, but in fact he was on a trip next to another tribe.

The ninth episode of the series, The Resurrection of Othman 9, via the Al-Nour website

Resurrection Osman series Among the successful Turkish series in that period, the series was able to achieve very high revenues in a simple period, because of the series that holds strong events, where the events of the Resurrection of Osman series revolve around the establishment of the Ottoman Empire and the difficulties and problems faced by Ertugrul the Great and Osman daughter during the founding process, it is also the series of the resurrection of Osman is a complete series of the resurrection of Ertugrul, who offered for five consecutive seasons, and achieved the success of a very large, and that the series presents the wars of the Ottoman Empire with the Crusaders and the Tatars and the Romans and the Persians, and shipping all stages experienced by Osman I and the challenges faced in nation-building Ottoman.

You can find here: – The ninth episode of the founder series Othman in Arabic via the Al-Nour website.

The Resurrection of Othman 9

Reem Net, the series of the resurrection of Osman bin Artgrel, episode 9

It is customary to display The series of the resurrection of Osman bin Artgrel Only one episode per week, precisely on Wednesday of each week, so at eight pm Cairo time, at exactly nine oclock pm Riyadh, through the channel atv Turkish tanker exclusive series, and are translated loop into Arabic and then put it on the Rim net and the site of light, in order to follow the series by lovers and lovers in the Arab countries.

The frequency of the new Yarmouk channel, which carries the series of the founder Othman

And now we present to you the frequency of the Yarmouk channel, which carries the series of the founder Othman Al-Ghazi, after the increased research on it by lovers and fans of the series, where the series achieved very great success in a number of Arab and Turkish countries.

Channel namethe moonFrequencyCoding FactorpolarizationCorrection coefficient
Yarmouk channelNile Sat1167827500vertical4/3

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