Yousra: My heart squeezes sadness for not being able to say goodbye to Nadia Lotfy


The star Yousra collapsed immediately after hearing the news of the departure of the able artist Nadia Lutfi, and the star Yousra said in special statements for the seventh day that she could not control her nerves as soon as she heard the news of Nadia Lutfi’s departure, confirming that she is in London and her heart is suffering because of her inability to bid her farewell and kiss her hands and head.

Yousra indicated to the seventh day that the able artist Nadia Lutfi “is the most painful six you can know in your life,” explaining that she considers that the beautiful time ended with the departure of the able, Nadia Lutfi, from our world.

Yousra revealed the last call that she collected with the late Nadia Lutfi, which is the day of the death of the son of Nadia Lutfi, where Yusra was outside Cairo attending the CAF party in Sahl Hasheesh and spoke to her on the phone with a long call in which she reassured her health, as she was returning from the funeral of her son’s wife, Mr. Ahmed Al-Bashari, Yousra indicated that Nadia Lotfy has since been in good health.

The great artist Nadia Lotfy left, after a long struggle with the disease, as the health condition of the artist Nadia Lotfy had deteriorated in the recent period, after she started to improve, as she regained her awareness slightly, and she spoke with those around her, with her continued presence inside the intensive care under the supervision of a team from Doctors, however, she soon fell into a coma again.

Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem called the Minister of Culture and all the great artist and sectors the artist Nadia Lotfy and said: The late rose to the throne of Arab cinema as a landmark that made part of the history of this art and was the password for the success of a group of the greatest immortal works, noting her long march marked by struggle and patriotism And the championship besides artistic creativity .

It is noteworthy that Nadia Lotfy, born in 1937, performed her first acting roles at ten years of age and was on the stage of the school to confront the public for the first time. She obtained a German school diploma in 1955, discovered by director Ramsis Naguib to present the movie “Sultan” with the star Farid Shawqi in 1958, she starred during The era of the sixties and seventies of the last century and presented a large number of works, known for its national and humanitarian activity since its youth, so it had an important role in caring for the wounded, injured and prisoners in the Egyptian and Arab wars, starting from the tripartite aggression in 1956 and the subsequent wars, especially the October War 73, its latest series. People of People of People “in 1993 to After that, it stops acting and is satisfied with its human activities .


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