Zadeh: I have my reasons for postponing the top game


Hani Zada, a member of the Zamalek Club Board of Directors, proposed appointing foreign referees to manage Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches in the League Championship for two years, pointing out that he had several reasons for the proposal to postpone the summit.

It is scheduled to meet Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the summit match – postponed from the fourth round – on the twenty-fourth of this February, after running in the super match scheduled to be held in the UAE on the 20th of this month.

During televised comments to Al-Hadath TV channel today, Zada ​​said: “African arbitration is better than Al-Masry. I propose to appoint foreign referees for all Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches in the league for a period of two years, and the Egyptian referees rule for other clubs.”

He added: “We did not submit an official request regarding the postponement of the summit match, it is a personal point of view only, and I have my reasons.”

He continued: “Zamalek will return from the African Super match in Qatar against Tunisian Esperance to face Al-Ahly in the local Super on February 20.”

He continued: “Here, I will play the super in the Emirates, there is one team that will win, the day after the match, either joys for the winner or to collect cards and arrange things for the defeated team, which means that preparing for the league summit will start on the twenty-second of February, that is, just two days before the date of the summit.”

He continued: “The summit match will lose its splendor, the date will kill the meeting, and the two teams have an important and strong match after the summit against Sundowns and Esperance in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.”


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