Zamalek bus driver blows surprises: the bus never fails and players buy liver sandwiches


– Zamalek bus manager reveals the scenes of the bus loss

The driver Samir Gomaa, the driver of the company responsible for transporting the Zamalek team in the 119th match with Al-Ahly, who did not play due to the lack of the bus, arrived at the Cairo Stadium, confirming that he had received an “order” to deliver the players of the Zamalek club team from the club’s headquarters in Mit Oqba in Giza, To Cairo Professor, Nasr City, and the bus was moving in the required direction from the hero Street Ahmed Abdel Aziz, engineers, accompanied by a security force.

Zamalek bus driver said to Video 7: On the way to Cairo Stadium, I was surprised by Captain “Saad”, the team official at Zamalek Club asking me to stop at the top of the October Bridge, specifically at the top of Al-Jazira Club, to buy drinking water for the players, so he stopped at the desire of the players and the official of the trip, and the company was informed The bus has already stopped from the administrator of Zamalek.

The driver added: I then moved the bus to complete the trip, but I was surprised again by asking the bus to stop again, and to get off at the petrol station on Lotfy Al-Sayed Street between Ramses Square and Ghamra station, knowing that this timing had been taken to the bus by a police brigade to overcome obstacles before the trip, Then the brigade orders came to the street to facilitate traffic in front of the bus.

The driver revealed that the players asked to enter the bathroom during the course of the trip, which prompted him to open the bus for the bus, in order not to disrupt the trip and catch up with the match, but they insisted on getting off in the middle of the road at the petrol station, and some of them asked for sandwiches in his liver, others entered the mosque and the bathroom, then they asked me to return Once again to the club headquarters without completing the trip.

For his part, Engineer Amr Labib, director of the tourism company that owns the bus, confirmed that the company received the operation order to connect the team to the stadium, and was present before the deadline in front of the Zamalek club headquarters in Mit Aqaba, in addition to that the bus has “GBS” and is followed up moment by moment, denying that it happened A bus breakdown, stressing that the bus is a new model and is traveled to long distances, not just internal, which makes it able to connect the trip without any problems, pointing out that the company issued a statement in this regard and will take its legal measures for everyone who fabricated a lie on the bus’s non-viability, Expressing his great respect for the club Zamalek.


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