Zamalek time … the absence of the winch for the second day … and Abdel Shafi’s regularity before the dervish meeting


The French contract was held by Patrice Cartier, Technical Director For Zamalek, A quick session with the team players before the start of the training session today, Friday, at the club stadium in Mit Aqaba, in the presence of the assisting device, in preparation for the Ismaili match, scheduled for 7:30 pm next Sunday, within the seventeenth round of the Premier League competition.

Carteron was keen to talk with the players during the session about the next Ismaili meeting and the need to continue the team’s victories, stressing that the permanent goal is to win all the matches, stressing his confidence in everyone, as the French coach explained during the session some technical matters that he intends to apply in training..

While Zamalek’s technical staff preferred to give additional comfort to Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wensh”, the team’s defender, from group exercises today, for the second day in a row, especially that he will miss the next team’s match against Ismaili because of the suspension because he got 3 warnings.

Today’s Zaman Zamalek witnessed the technical training of Zamalek, the Quartet of Youngsters born in 2001, who are defender Hossam Abdel Majid and duo midfielder Yassin Marai, Mohamed Hossam and striker Hossam Ashraf, to take part in team training today, as the Quartet is conducting group exercises with the team, in light of the technical apparatuss policy to escalate the youth. For training with the first team, in anticipation of the use of any of them, in any match.

The Frenchman, Patrice Carteron, also allocated a special qualifying paragraph for the players on the sidelines of the training, and the players started running for ten minutes, followed by dividing the players into groups, where they performed a qualification paragraph for the ball, under the leadership of Sami El Shishiny and Amir Abdelaziz for twenty minutes, and Carton was keen to supervise this paragraph.

While Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, Zamalek player, fought an additional training paragraph after performing the qualifying session with the team, where the player ran for ten minutes, according to the instructions of the technical apparatus for dealing with fatigue, and after that the player went to the club gymnasium where he completed the training there.

Zamalek’s technical staff also sufficed with the performance of the hexagons, Islam Jaber, Ashraf bin Sharqi, Muhammad Onajem, Tariq Hamed and Hazem Imam, in addition to Mohamed Abdel Shafi who received a break from the team’s training yesterday, the qualifying paragraph that was established at the beginning of the exercise and lasted for half an hour and did not complete the rest of the passages, where Carton preferred They are satisfied with this paragraph that included running for ten minutes, playing with the ball for 20 minutes, and completing the rest of the training at the gymnasium in the club, where the technical staff aims to get the players the greatest degree of hospitalization to avoid exhaustion in the coming period, while Karim Bambo performed, not B team, the share of qualifying private Paljamaneziom preferred where the technical staff at rest of the group exercises and equipped with the best possible shape for the next period.


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