108 new deaths in Corona in the last 24 hours


Source: Paris – France Press

The new Corona epidemic in France has claimed 108 lives over the past 24 hours, raising the country’s total to 372 deaths, according to the Director-General of Health.

“The number of infections doubles every four days,” said Jerome Solomon, adding that the virus is spreading in France “quickly and intensively.”

As the world is overwhelmed by the outbreak of the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that his country will take Strict procedures to limit the spread of corona.

“We will deploy the army in the areas of the virus outbreak in France,” Macron said in a speech Monday evening, adding that “the Schengen space will be suspended and the borders will be closed to reduce Corona.”

And Trump added: “I decided to limit the movements of citizens for a period of 15 days to reduce Corona,” stressing: “We will punish those who violate this decision. Unnecessary movement in France is prohibited under penalty of punishment.”

Macron added that “the moves in France will only be to eliminate the necessary things,” noting: “We are at war against the Corona virus, and France is in difficult circumstances because of its spread.”

To that he clarified that “the priority of distributing means of protection will be for doctors and medical teams.”

He asked his citizens to make sacrifices by stopping the spread of Corona, saying: “The more we work together quickly, the more we will defeat Corona. We should not be tempted to mess up against the virus.”

The French president stressed that he would not leave any French citizen without resources. And that the payment of electricity, water and gas bills will be suspended due to SK.

He also pointed out that he decided to postpone the second round of municipal elections because of Corona.

Corona - a medical staff member in France
Corona – a medical staff member in France

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