11 thousand bottles of alcohol seized in an unlicensed disinfectant plant


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Major General Ibrahim Ahmed Abulimon, Governor of Menoufia, announced, on Thursday, the seizure of a medical disinfectant factory in Quesna, operating without a license, and seized 11,440 alcohol packs, during the ration campaigns to tighten the control and control of bakeries, markets and shops in order to preserve the health and rights of citizens.

According to a statement, the accountant, Atef El-Gammal, Director of the Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade, explained that extensive rationing campaigns were launched in the Governorate Department, which resulted in the release of 35 bakeries violations due to lack of weight, lack of conformity to specifications and lack of cleanliness, and 210 market minutes for not announcing prices and selling expired and unknown goods Source and sale at more than the official price.

Al-Gammal mentioned that one of the most prominent supply cases that were seized was the release of 2 misdemeanor minutes in Ashmoun district against the owners of a grocery store and a foodstuff store, and the reservation of 960 tea teas, and 1 ton of fine flour of unknown origin. One kilogram of sugar, of unknown origin, and another against a ready-to-wear garment manufacturer without a license.

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