12 “Emotion” most used in interacting with the Coruna virus … get to know it


Corona virus has become new (COVID-19), And news related to it from deaths, injuries and prevention methods that are most interested in all countries of the world after the outbreak of the deadly epidemic in many countries of Asia and Europe and its recent move to the countries of the Middle East and the Arab world. Social Media.

On the occasion of the transmission of interest in the new Corona virus and its news on social media, emojis known as “emotion” entered the circle of interest, as many users rely on the inclusion of emojis to identify their current situation or to express their opinion on a topic.

The most used emoji to interact with corona
The most used emoji to interact with corona

Site carried Emojipedia, A website that specializes in emoji news and updates, analyzes a set of 12 health-related emojis to see which ones are most relevant to the fearsome Corona Virus discussions, and the site found that the most common emojis in discussions were ? (known as Face with Medical Mask(F) known as Microbe), Where the list included the following icons:

1. Medical mask icon.

2. Disgust symbol.

3. Vomiting symbol.

4. Sneeze symbol.

5. Thermometer icon.

6. Bandage symbol.

7. Ambulance icon.

8. Medicine pill symbol.

9. Syringe symbol.

10. Bacteria symbol.

11. Soap icon.

12. Sponge symbol.

“Brunei”, the behavioral scientist commented on Emojipedia “Saying: “We have noticed that the microbe symbol and the facial symbol that uses the medical mask are witnessing a noticeable increase in page views after the widespread coverage of the spread of the Corona virus, and we found that a large percentage of Twitter tweets containing these two codes were already associated with the Corona virus, 42% of the code The microbe and 36% for the medical mask icon. “

He continued: “All other medical emojis explicitly referred to COVID-19 5% or less of Tweets, which indicated that microbes for the microbe’s face and the medical mask are the most frequently used emojis when talking about the virus. “


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