18 people were killed in a collision on the regional ring road in Saf


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Eighteen people were killed in a truck accident collision with an angel and a minibus at the top of the regional ring road, while cars stopped in an ambush in the city of Saf, Giza.

The Giza Security Directorate received a notification of a traffic accident, as a parked car van ran over in one of the designated ambushes to monitor the implementation of the curfew decision on the regional ring road, and the security forces moved to the place of communication.

It turned out that while the cars stopped on the regional road side due to the curfew, the driver of a car was surprised by a truckload of construction materials traveling at high speed, hitting a number of parked cars.

The inspection revealed that some of the corpses had been turned into pieces, and the driver responsible for the accident was detained, the dead and the injured were taken to hospitals, and a team moved to the hospital to hear the statements of the injured.

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