20 thousand deaths in Europe in Corona … and 832 in Spain alone within a day


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Today, Saturday, French News Agency reported that more than 20 thousand deaths in Europe as a result of infection with the Corona virus, this comes while the Spanish Ministry of Health announced today, Saturday, that Corona virus deaths In the country, 832 cases increased during the night to 5690, the highest daily death rate.

The number of cases of coronavirus in Spain rose to 72,248 from 6,4059 on Friday, at a time when the authorities decided to conduct further medical examinations in order to determine the extent of the infection more accurately.

And Spain is The second country in terms of number of deaths PCFED-19 in the world after Italy. With the exception of a slight decrease recorded on Thursday, the death toll continues to rise in Spain.

However, the authorities are pointing to a positive sign of slowing the daily number of injuries and deaths in recent days, while the government reiterates that the country is not far from reaching the epidemic.

Madrid remains the most affected region with 2757 deaths recorded, which is equivalent to half of the deaths in the country, and 21,520 injuries.

In the face of this, the local authorities decided to construct a second morgue in an unused public building in a suburb of the capital, after it had constructed the first in a skating rink in a mall.

The compact health system in Spain suffers from infection by more than 9,000 workers with the Coronavirus. The number represents about 15% of the total number of infected cases in Spain.

Health workers in Spain say they are largely without basic protective equipment such as masks, gloves and clothing. Hospitals are overcrowded and close to breaking point In many cities.

Spain’s population of 46 million has been subject to general isolation since March 14. The authorities have previously warned that this week will be “difficult”.

In this context, the Spanish parliament voted, on Friday, to approve the extension of emergency measures, which include imposing public quarantine, that is, forcing residents to stay in their homes except for going out to buy basic supplies of food, medicine or work, for another 15 days until April 12 next at least.

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