3 reasons why China succeeded in overcoming Corona … get to know it


Mohamed Hamed, an expert in international affairs, stressed that there are many reasons that pushed China to overtake both the United States and Europe in the face of the Corona virus, and a significant decline in cases of HIV infections, in contrast to a marked rise in injuries and deaths in Washington and the countries of the old continent.

The expert in international affairs told “The Seventh Day” that China has a long experience in dealing with crises related to epidemics, especially during its work years ago with “SARS” disease, where it was able to overcome it and this is the most prominent reason that China overcame the Corona virus in a way Great while Europe and the United States failed.

Mohamed Hamed added that the second reason behind Chinas success in dealing with the Corona virus while other European countries failed, is that China canceled trips with countries of the world with the spread of the disease while other European countries remained in tourism, especially Italy, which increased the spread of the virus Significantly.

The expert in international affairs affairs pointed out that the degree of Chinese commitment to the instructions of political leaders was higher than that of the Europeans, which contributed to the speed of Beijing’s control of the virus, while on the other side European countries led by Italy, France, Spain and Germany have not been able to stop its spread until now..

Earlier, the Chinese news agency “Xinhua” said, in a detailed statement: 504 patients infected with the disease caused by the new coronavirus (Covid-19) were discharged from hospitals yesterday on the Chinese mainland, according to the National Health Committee, and the committee said in its daily report A total of 72,244 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovering until the end of Saturday, and a total of 81,054 confirmed cases of Covid-19 were recorded on the Chinese mainland until Saturday, while 3,261 people died from the disease..

The Chinese mainland registered 45 new cases from abroad infected with the disease caused by the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Saturday, bringing the total number of cases to 314, according to the National Health Committee.


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