40 Corona football players, including an Arab star, were injured. Get to know them


The world is currently in a state of emergency due to the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19), which is spreading and penetrating in all countries.

Corona virus completely ended the presence of football in most countries of the world, and major European leagues stopped in order for governments to free themselves to confront the virus.

Several clubs in the world have reported injuries to players, coaches, and soccer symbols with the annoying virus that turns into a killer in some cases.

Al-Bashair: In this file, the most prominent injuries in the football world are monitored, wishing them all a speedy recovery and a return in the best condition, and for all the injured around the world a speedy recovery.

Odoi recovered
English Premier League club Chelsea announced that Calum Hudson Audoy, ​​the player of the team, has recovered from the new Corona virus (Covid-19), and returned to his nature after isolating himself at home.

Fateh Tarim injury
Fatih Tarim, the technical director of the Turkish club Celta Saray, announced that he had contracted the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Injury of the vice-president of Galatasaray
Turkish club Celta Saray announced that Abdul-Rahim Shukran Al-Bairaq, the club’s vice-president and his wife, was infected with the Coruna virus.

Juventus couple
Italian club Juventus announced the injury of its defender, Dani Rogani, and midfielder Blaise Matuidi, with the Corona virus, and the duo are currently undergoing treatment and recovery.

Reggio Udachi’s injury
Reggio Udaci, the third-class club in Italy, announced that its Favali defender had been infected with the Corona virus, as the first case recorded by the Italian football.

Effective injury
The Greek club Olympiakos owner and Nottingham Forest, infected with Corona virus, caused the first postponement in the English Premier League after Arsenal players mixed with, to delay their confrontation with Manchester City.

Arsenal have announced that their Spanish coach, Miquel Artita, has been infected with Virus Corona, to undergo the coach for a period of treatment, and succeeded in communicating for the first time in two days with the team after his condition improved.

In Italy, injuries accelerated, and Sampdoria announced that striker Manolo Gabiadini had contracted the virus.

Chelsea injury
English Premier League club Chelsea announced that striker Calum Hudson Udoy has been infected with the Corona virus, and the player’s condition has improved in recent days.

The Valencia epidemic
Valencia announced that 35% of the team players, administrators and technical and administrative staff have been infected with the Corona virus after the latter’s visit to Italy, which has become severely affected.

Espanyol injuries
Club Espanyol has announced the infection of 6 of its members with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), in order to continue the spread of the global epidemic in Spain.

Case in Verona
The Italian club Verona has announced a new case joining the new club Corona Virus in the Italian League, with the injury of Mattia Zakaini.

Alavis epidemic
Spanish club Deportivo Alaves announced the detection of 15 new cases of the newly infected Corona virus (Covid 19), including 3 players of the first football team.

American League
Corona virus infection in the NBA has been on the rise in recent hours.

Espanyol player
The Chinese Football Association has revealed that the Chinese player, Wu Li, is striker for the Spanish club, Espanyol, among the club’s list of people infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

English Premier League club Portsmouth announced that 3 of its players have been infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

The club’s official statement announced today, Saturday, that the results of a sample of 3 of the team’s players were positive.

The club revealed the identity of the three players: James Bolton, the team’s defender, Andy Cannon, the team’s midfielder, and Sen Rajitt, the team’s defender.

Juventus, Argentine Paulo Dybala, announced that he had been infected with the Corona virus after receiving the positive results that he underwent, and Juventus announced that the player has been in house isolation since March 11 and has no symptoms.

Maldini and his son
AC Milan announced that legend Paulo Maldini and his son Daniel have been infected with the Coruna virus after their positive medical tests have shown positive samples.

The death of the former Real Madrid president
Lorenzo Sanz, the former Real Madrid president, died of infection from the emerging Corona virus, which has been sweeping the world over the last few days.

The first player in the Chinese League
The Chinese club Shandong Luneng has announced that its Belgian player, Marouane Fellaini, has contracted the Corona virus, as the first player to be infected with the epidemic in the Chinese League.

To deny isolate himself
Gary Linker, a former England national footballer and current technical analyst, said he was subject to self-isolation after his son George showed symptoms that might be linked to Corona virus (Covid 19).

Turkish Vice President Galatasaray and his wife were injured
Turkish club Galatasaray announced that Abdul Rahim Shukran Al-Bairaq, the club’s vice-president and his wife, was infected with the Corona Covid-19 virus.

Former Real Madrid boss injured
Fernando Martin Alvarez, the former Real Madrid president, was infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19).

The first Saudi player
Hashem Al-Hashem, the Saudi Huda youth player, announced that he had been infected with the Corona virus (Covid-19) after contact with his infected mother.


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