50 cases of corona infection every hour in Iran … and deaths reached 1284


Source: Arabic.Net – Saleh Hameed

The Iranian Ministry of Health announced today, Thursday, that the number of deaths due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus has jumped to 1284 today, and the total number of people infected has increased to 18,407 in Iran, the country most affected by the epidemic in the Middle East.

Deputy Health Minister Ali Reza Raisi said: “With 149 new deaths occurring in the past 24 hours, the number of deaths due to the virus reaches 1284. Unfortunately, we have 1046 new infections since yesterday.”

According to the ministry’s numbers, the Tehran Province accounted for the largest number of injuries (137), followed by Isfahan (center, 108), and then Gilan Province (North, 73).

Raisi said: “In 11 governorates,” including Tehran and Isfahan, “the number of casualties has decreased because people have complied with our directives,” repeating the Iranian call to stay in their homes.

One person dies every 10 minutes

For his part, Iranian Health Ministry spokesperson Kianosh Jahanpur sounded the alarm about the large outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Iran. Every hour, 50 people are infected with the virus And one person dies every 10 minutes.

“According to the data, approximately every hour, 50 people in Iran are infected with” Covid 19. “And every ten minutes, one person dies due to the consequences of corona infection,” Jahanpur wrote in a tweet on Twitter today.

He continued addressing the Iranians: “So, given the information, I invite you to reconsider Your plans for travel, transportation and visits During Nowruz … they made informed decisions. ”

For his part, Iranian Assistant Minister of Health, Erige Haririji said, “There are 43 cases of infection every hour in Iran while three people die every day.”

According to independent press sources in Iran, the actual number of deaths is in the country Over 3000 people.

“The Iranians underestimate the virus”

The authorities say that the epidemic has become uncontrollable in light of the rapid spread and lack of commitment of citizens to isolation and avoiding exodus unless necessary.

“People are still underestimating this disease. If it was possible, we would have allowed them to visit hospitals to see how dangerous and frightening this virus was, and they ceased to take to the streets unconsciously,” said Ali Reza Zali, chief of operations for the Corona Combat Committee in Tehran.

He added: “People must understand that we are at war with this deadly virus, and they must abide by the instructions to face this epidemic.”

Iran has not reached its climax

In a related context, the website “Iran International” quoted from the “University of Medical Sciences” in the city of Jahram (southern Iran), announcing that “the city entered the red danger position since yesterday.”

In a related context, the Iranian news agency, “IRNA”, quoted Mohammad Reza Zafarqandi, the head of the “Medical System Organization” in Iran, as saying, “We have not reached the peak point in the country yet regarding the Corona virus. We will face a dangerous situation if the necessary health recommendations by citizens are not adhered to. “.

He considered that “stopping the escalating stage of the virus depends on the actions of officials and the commitment of citizens,” adding: “We will be able to cross the peak phase faster if we can raise the rate of isolation and stay in homes by 15% to 20%.”

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