72-hour weather Thunderstorm, torrential rain and severe warnings of the dust storm


Weather of 72 hours, thunderstorms and torrential rain. The General Authority of Meteorology in Egypt announced that the Arab Republic of Egypt will witness a state of air changes and a decrease in temperature in the coming period, as it indicated that it is expected that the country will be dominated tomorrow, Wednesday, by a warm day and a very cold day at night. With wind and water splash in the early hours of the morning, the weather on Thursday will be completely different as temperatures drop by 7 degrees at once.

Weather 72 hours thunderstorm and torrential rain

The authority indicated that the weather on Tuesday 3/17/2020 will be an unstable weather all over the country, provided that the weather is warm during the day, very cold at night, with heavy and thunderstorm occasional rain on Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, and an increase in the activity of winds that cause dust and dust, which leads to Disturbance of maritime traffic in the northwestern coast, where the intensity of the torrents reaches the northeastern and central Sinai coasts.

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The Meteorological Organization provides an urgent and important warning to the citizens, a state of instability and rain that reaches the level of torrential rains in these areas.

Expected temperatures

Regarding temperatures tomorrow, Wednesday

RegionGreat temperatureMinimum temperature
Great Cairo2512
Lower Egypt2512
Northwestern Coast2114
North-eastern and central Sinai coast1915th
South Sinai and Red Sea mountain ranges2919
North of Upper Egypt3014
South Upper Egypt3519

As for the expected temperatures next Thursday, they are:

RegionGreat temperatureMinimum temperature
Great Cairo2414
Lower Egypt2313
Northwestern Coast1914
North-eastern and central Sinai coast2215th
South Sinai and Red Sea mountain ranges3019
North of Upper Egypt2816
South Upper Egypt3412

He appealed to all the citizens to take caution, precaution and commitment to homes as much as possible on Tuesday and Wednesday, due to the severe weather fluctuations that the country is witnessing in the next two days.

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