8 wrong uses of chlorine .. one of them has symptoms similar to SK and one


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Sunday 29 March 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi:

Antiseptics are very important to protect us from microbes and viruses, and the importance has increased in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic “Covid 19”, but the incorrect use of it may result in health problems, or at the very least, we cannot be sure of the “invisible enemy” (Corona).

So we offer you 8 wrong uses for chlorine disinfectant that you should avoid and be wary of for our health, according to the “homebeautiful” website.

Wood surface disinfection and sterilization:

Chlorine should not be placed on wooden floors, even if we dilute it, because it causes damage to the wooden floors and their color loss, so water and soap can be used.

As for wood cutting boards, you should avoid putting chlorine on them, in order not to interact with the food and cause many health problems.

In cleansing the hands and face:

Chlorine should not be used to cleanse hands and face because of the health problems it causes, including dermatitis, allergies, skin irritation and eczema.

So it is advisable to use alcohol with a 70% ethyl concentration, and to use chlorine only for floors and shoe soles.

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To clean food:

Chlorine is very strong, so it cannot be used to disinfect foods so as not to cause food poisoning, and it is best to wash products by putting them under running water and cleaning them.

Add vinegar to chlorine:

Mixing chlorine with vinegar is a serious harm that results in toxic substances, due to the interaction of chlorine with acetic acid, which leads to a chemical reaction that causes shortness of breath, chest allergy and cough, which is similar to the symptoms of the Corona virus, and can lead to death, so it is better to reduce Chlorine with water.

Putting chlorine in a spray and spraying it in the room:

Spraying chlorine in the room irritates the mucous membranes, causing suffocation when inhaled, so it is necessary to spray it on the surfaces only and wipe it with a cloth to disinfect it and sterilize it.

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Place the chlorine in an open container:

Chlorine is a volatile substance, so it should not be placed in an open, air-exposed container so that it does not volatilize.

Leave the chlorine bottle accessible to children:

The chlorine bottle should be kept in the places designated for it, out of the reach of children, so as not to cause much damage, the most dangerous of which is chemical poisoning.

Use chlorine without gloves:

Use of chlorine without gloves can irritate the skin, so it is necessary to wear gloves when cleaning surfaces with chlorine.

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