A call from Tukh Fever to my contacts with Dr. Ayman Suleiman: Isolate yourselves … he is infected with Corona


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Dr. Ahmed Youssef, director of the Tookh Fever Hospital in Qalioubia, implored the patients who had contact with Dr. Ayman Suleiman, the doctor of fever, for the past days, before discovering that he was infected with Corona virus, today, Tuesday, in his private clinic in the village of Kafr Abed in the Toukh Center, isolated themselves in separate places, and when No symptoms should call 105.

And «Yusef» added, in press statements, on Tuesday, that “the patients will be contacted by the surveillance unit of the health unit in Kafr Mansour, which has started clearing operations in the village, and taking samples from those who come in contact with the doctor.”

The hospital director explained that «the doctor dealt with one of the cases of suspicion of Abbasid fevers, which was suffering from a difficult condition and a pause in the heart and entered to conduct a resuscitation of the condition, which may be the cause of infection with the virus during the installation of a laryngeal tube and put it on the ventilator».

He pointed out that “by investigating the cases that the doctor had mixed with and examined in his private clinic in the village of Kafr Abed, it was revealed that he had examined two children from Kafr Mansour village, and 4 children in his village of Kafr Abed,” noting that “the surveillance team is following up the cases, their families, and is doing work The smears for them and the necessary tests for them, including the doctor’s family of his wife and two children, before he felt the symptoms and isolated himself and closed the clinic ».

And «Joseph» continued: “The doctor felt the symptoms of the disease, last Sunday, and he performed the analysis for himself and when he appeared, on Monday evening, with his positive response to the virus, he called the hotline 105, where he was detained at the Qaha Central Hospital.”

He pointed out that he informed the health administration of Tukh to take preventive measures for the citizens who come close to the doctor, noting that “the doctor entered the isolation hospital in Baqa at 12:30 in the early hours of Tuesday morning.”

The hospital director asked the citizens not to cause anxiety, tension and confusion, confirming that “Dr. (Ayman) was taking all the isolation procedures, and he wore a mask and medical gloves, and used alcohol between each case and sterilized the handset.”

In a related development, the preventive medicine teams at the Health Directorate sterilized the doctor’s house, its neighboring houses, the street in which it is located, its private clinic, and all the streets surrounding them.

While another team of preventive medicine sterilized the city of Qaha and the headquarters of the isolation hospital in the city with the participation of MP Ahmed Badawi, head of the Communications Committee in Parliament and Deputy Toukh Waqha department, who confirmed that the cleansing teams are currently sterilizing the injured doctor’s village, hospital and the city of Qaha, stressing that there is no need to worry and that the situation under control.

Dr. Ahmed Youssef had published a tweet on his Facebook page, in which he said that the doctor who had a stain is Ayman Suleiman, a friend of his, and that he was injured while working at the Abbasid Fever Hospital, and when symptoms appeared on him he isolated himself and performed the analysis for himself and proved the positive of the analysis.

And he called “Joseph” to his injured friend, saying: “I pray to God with all my heart to heal my dear brother and esteemed friend, and I ask you to pray for him to heal and to go away from him with sickness and sickness and to recover him. He is praise be to God in a stable condition. Do not worry.”

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