A check for a thousand dollars for each American to face Corona


On Tuesday, the Trump administration sought a trillion dollar stimulus package to absorb the economic consequences of the Corona Virus (Covid-19), including checks for 1,000 dollars for Americans in two weeks, while New York said it might order residents of the most populous American city to stay in their homes.

President Donald Trump said there was progress in tackling the rapidly spreading virus, and predicted a “strong recovery” for the US economy when the outbreak slowed.

The Trump administration, seeking to win re-election on November 3, is working on a stimulus package in excess of $ 1 trillion, which includes $ 50 billion for airlines facing bankruptcy and $ 250 billion in loans to small businesses.

Surrounded by his senior advisers in the White House press conference room, Trump said his administration was considering a plan to send $ 1,000 checks to Americans to help them weather the crisis, but added that details were still being considered.

Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said that those with high incomes may not receive those payments, which can be sent within the next two weeks.


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