A chicken that lived in the age of the dinosaurs. Watch a strange discovery surprising scientists


Just as the human virus kills in huge numbers every day in every country
The world is threatening humanity with extinction, dinosaurs used to live millions of years ago
The years became extinct but an asteroid collided with Earth, where an international team discovered
One of the paleontologists is the oldest fossil of a chicken-like bird dating back to the age of dinosaurs.

The fossil is called “wonders” and includes a semi-skull
Full of old creature that looks like chicken and ducks, experts believe it dates back to about
One million years before the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, according to the newspaper Metro.

The team believed to lead the University of Cambridge on patrol Nature New fossils would help
In explaining why birds survived the mass extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous period, while
Giant dinosaurs didn’t do that because the birds were so small.

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The fossil was found inside a rock piece that is negligible in a limestone quarry
Close to the Belgian-Dutch border, using high-resolution CT scans
X-ray researchers looked across the rocks to see what was below the surface of the earth.

What they saw just a millimeter below the rock was finding
On the skull of a bird aged 66.7 million years old, according to the analysis, the skull shares many
One of the similarities with modern chickens and ducks.

Paleontologists are trying to figure out how to equip modern birds
To survive, says Dr. Daniel Field of the Department of Earth Sciences in Cambridge who led
Research: “This fossil tells us that at least early early were some modern birds
They are small birds living on Earth near the seashore. “

He added: “The moment I first saw what was below
The rock was the most exciting moment of my career “..” This is one of the best
Fossil skulls preserved in any age from anywhere in the world, we had almost
To hold back when we see that. “

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