A “counter attack” artwork cannot be dismissed


The actress, Hind Sabri, expressed her happiness by being present in the series “An Apostate Attack” that will be shown on the small screen during the coming month of Ramadan, stressing that it is an action that cannot be rejected.

She added in press statements, that she appreciates any good text that comes to her, without looking at the idea of ​​heroism or the size of the role, and that the series is a humanitarian and military action taken from one of the Egyptian intelligence files in an important era.

She explained that she presents the strong personality of the woman who bears psychological burdens with her husband, the artist Ahmed Ezz, the intelligence officer, as she falls into many problems because of her husband.

She said that she had finished filming a number of her scenes in the work that started filming about three weeks ago, expressing her happiness with that experience as it embodies a new, different and full of surprises throughout the events, which represents a great challenge for her.

She noted that the series is marked by good text and a bunch of artists participate in it, expressing her wishes that the audience will like it.

The series includes the artists Hisham Selim, Salah Abdullah, Nidal Al-Shafi’i, and others, and it is written by Baher Dowidar and directed by Ahmed Alaa.


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