A crime of negligence .. A baby her parents left her for cockroaches to eat in her dirty diapers


We see parents around us rushing to protect their children from any danger or virus
A killer is like a corona, but there are some parents who don’t care about a virus or something else
They care about themselves and their children basically.

The British newspaper, Metro, reported that an American father and mother had left Mercilessly Their two-year-old baby
7 Months die of hunger and thirst
Inside diapers filled with stools while cockroaches covered their entire body in a neglect

The police threw
Crystal Morrow, 24, and her husband, Dustin Harley, 19, were arrested and charged
He was accused of unintentional killing, then the charge was raised to “second degree murder”.
Due to the death of their daughter Kimberly at their home in Fockey, Arkansas, she is slated to face up to 30 years in prison.

The police arrived
The scene of the accident on the day baby Kimberly died to find an unresponsive lifeless body next to her
Her twin brother is in “dangerous condition”, and they managed to revive the little girl Kimberly for a while,
However, the young girl died after being transferred to a local hospital for urgent treatment.

The investigators assigned to investigate the baby’s death noted that Bed
The girl, as she slept with her brother, was full of crawling cockroaches, and on the face of the baby, secretions dried up
Around her mouth, nose and ears, according to the Metro newspaper.

The doctors said that the girl appeared to be severely dehydrated and malnourished.
An autopsy later confirmed that Kimberly was severely underweight for her age,
Her small body shows only sunken eyes, muscular wasting and prominent ribs.

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