“A doctor” requests the divorce of his wife: “She marries every year because of the interest.”


11:58 PM

Monday 02 March 2020

I wrote- Fatima Adel:

“Karim M.,” a dentist, filed a lawsuit before the Family Court in the fifth assembly, requesting the divorce of his wife “Carmen S.” (30 years), after a marriage that lasted for only one year, justifying his claim: “I knew that she was using her beauty to Marriage every year to get paid. “

“Karim” (33 years) said in his lawsuit, which carried No. 2120 of 2019, that he got married after a love story that lasted a few months from a patient who hesitated to the clinic to check on her teeth, and for a long time he saw her come without reasons and from here it caught his attention, explaining that he liked her personality that She made him cling to marry her until she moved to the marital home.

And the husband continued in his speech that the first days of marriage passed in happiness and mutual love, until the marital life turned into family problems and disputes after he became aware that his wife only thinks about the many gifts and money that she gets, and does not spend it on the home, and when asked, she responds that she spent her on Her requirements, the husband says: “She wants everything I own in her name, and from here the suspicion has entered my heart.”

“She became abnormal and asks me to write the private clinic in her name.” .. The husband said in his speech before he indicated that he had remained throughout his marriage, trying to change it and not thinking about money only, adding that he accidentally learned the full truth, when a friend told him that she was his wife A year for material interests.

The husband explained: “Marital life between us became impossible after denying what I heard, and I waited for her until she asked me for divorce without reasons, and from here I confronted her with all the details of her life that I knew, so she raised her voice and fled from my home and from her time I knew nothing about her, except rumors that confirm that she got married and another She indicates her travel abroad. “

The husband concludes: “Although I waited for her return for a long time to divorce her in a friendly manner, but she did not return for good; I did not find in front of me except to go to the Family Court in the Fifth Settlement to file a divorce case, and the case is still pending before the court that has not been decided.”

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