A glimmer of hope in Italy and America could become the epicenter of the Corona outbreak


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The World Health Organization warned, on Tuesday, that the United States may turn into a epicenter of the outbreak of the Corona virus, stressing that there is “a very large acceleration” in the number of cases of corona in the United States.

A WHO spokesperson said the organization expects the death toll of Corona, which is 14510, to increase “significantly” as WHO reports new cases.

She noted that 85% of the reported cases in the past 24 hours were in Europe and the United States.

While the spokeswoman expressed her hope for a “spark of hope” in Italy after recording fewer injuries and deaths.

from Italy
from Italy

This comes as the Italian health authorities remained, on Tuesday, cautious about the decrease in the number of new infections with the new Corona virus announced yesterday, calling on the population to adhere to more than ever before the isolation measures.

“We should not be overwhelmed by delusions,” said Silvio Brosafiro, head of the High Health Foundation, on Radio Ray 2.

from Italy
from Italy

“We have to study the data very carefully, and analyze it. It should take a few days to understand what the trend is. We are living a very important week,” he added.

He called on his citizens to observe safety measures to prevent further spread of infection.

He said: “Let us all strive to follow good behavior. Any bad behavior today will have consequences in the next two weeks,” adding, “Our ability to strictly apply the rules will definitely affect the development of infection in all regions.”

The vast majority of Italians became convinced that isolation measures should be adopted. This is evidenced by the empty streets in the most prominent Italian cities such as Milan, Naples and Rome, in a scene that contrasts sharply with the pictures of the beaches and gardens filled with people that spread two weeks ago.

A poll published by La Repubblica newspaper this week stated that 94% of Italians consider the measures adopted by the government to be “positive” or “very positive”, including closing schools, stopping business and limiting the movement of people.

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