A new decision from the Minister of Awqaf on Friday prayers and congregations in mosques


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Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Jumaa, Minister of Awqaf, decided to extend the suspension of the establishment of mosques and groups in mosques, while completely closing them until the bug of closure closes by coordinating with the Ministry of Health, within the framework of achieving legitimate intentions in preserving the soul that Islam surrounded with many of the protection and protection fences.

The Minister of Awqaf said, in statements to him: “We have confirmed that paying the expected loss of the human soul is more than paying hardship. The two sheikhs narrated Imam Al-Bukhari in his Sahih and Imam Muslim in his Sahih and the pronunciation for him on Jabir bin Abd Allah, may God be pleased with them (God’s blessings be upon him) him and went out to the conquest of Mecca in Ramadan schizophrenia until he reached a position as a sponsor Ghamam- between Mecca and Almedinh- told him that people have slit them fast, but they look as it did. and he called for a vessel of water Counting age, Verwah so people look to him, and then drink. He was told then that some people have fasted. He said those disobedient those disobedient ».

The minister added: If this was just for the sake of paying hardship on behalf of the people … then how much to work with the license to pay the expected loss for them ?, And if the consensus of health experts is that the gatherings are the most dangerous means of transmitting the Corona virus infection with what we follow from the increasing numbers of people who died because of it, then paying the loss What is expected is the result of any gathering that becomes a legal requirement, and its violation becomes a disobedience, so paying the destruction is more than paying the hardship.

And he went on to say: And if our noble Messenger (may God bless him and grant him peace) had himself initiated the introduction of the breakfast license in travel, which is the Messenger of God who forbade his companions to communicate in fasting, he was told that you continued, and he said (may God bless him and grant him peace): «You are not like me In that, I want to feed my Lord and give me water. ”He (may God bless him and grant him peace) took the Iftar license with his personal ability to fast in order to pay the hardship of his nation and his esteemed companions, so how about paying what is conducive to perishing or causing it ?, The introduction of the license is first And obligated, but it is a legal duty and disobedience disobedience.

The minister concluded his remarks by saying: “And therefore, we decided to extend the suspension of the establishment of the gathering and the groups in the mosques with their complete closure until the reason for the closure is eliminated through coordination with the Ministry of Health.” A violation that requires accountability and accountability.

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