A new decline … Petroleum continues to decline in the market because of the Corona virus


Brent crude oil prices continued to decline on Monday in the markets, in light of the Egyptian government taking several measures in light of the preventive and preventive measures that are taken on a daily basis by the cabinet and the Egyptian state in order to protect citizens from the new Corona virus, which has become one of the most common diseases Worldwide if not the most widespread.

Corona virus sweeps the world

The Corona virus spread throughout the world in the last period significantly, and the disease spread throughout the world, until it became a global disease recognized by the World Health Organization, because there is no effective treatment recognized so far, and many countries are still trying to discover a vaccine that treats citizens from the Corona virus To get rid of this dreaded virus forever and life returns as it was.

Petroleum prices
Oil prices today

Oil continues to collapse due to the Corona virus

According to the Reuters news agency, Brent crude futures are down to 65 cents, which is equivalent to 2.4% to about 27 countries per barrel, in light of the crisis witnessed by oil who are in continuous declines due to the Corona virus spread in the world.

In the same context, oil has also continued to decline, as is happening four weeks ago throughout the past period, where the decline has reached nearly 60% since the beginning of this year, and according to what the agency said, everything related to oil has been affected by the Corona virus, as the price of coal has also decreased And the price of copper.


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