A new statement from the government regarding registration of the phone number on camouflage cards


10:12 am

Friday 06 March 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers denied the news that has been raised on some websites and social media pages about the expiry of the deadline for registering the phone number for the ration card holders on the “Egypt Support” website, which causes deprivation of those who did not register their number from the ration support.

According to a statement today, Friday, the media center contacted the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which denied these reports, confirming that it is not correct for the deadline for registration of the phone number for the ration card owners to support “Egypt”, and that no time periods have been set for registering the phone number on the “support” Egypt, ”explaining that failure to register the phone number on the site will not in any way affect the receipt of catering support, indicating that the goal of adding the phone number is to complete the beneficiaries databases, and to communicate with cardholders to inform them of any information related to the commodity support system.

The Ministry of Supply pointed out the cancellation of the mobile number registration messages on the “Support Egypt” website, which arrive to the owners of the catering cards on the bread exchange bills, as well as the goods goods bills, as of the first of March, for those who registered the mobile number during the current month on the Egypt Support website Correctly, the mobile number must be registered in the name of the ration card holder or a family member enrolled in the card.

In the end, the Ministry called on all media and social media users to be careful and objective in disseminating the news, and to communicate with the concerned authorities in the Ministry to make sure before publishing information that is not based on any facts, and leads to confusion among the citizens, with the importance of referring to the official website of the Ministry ( msit.gov.eg).

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