A new update for the WhatsApp Plus Plus 2020 application for Android, with new features


The Blue WhatsApp application is one of the developed versions of the original WhatsApp application that the developers have been working on to suit the user, which is also known as the “whatsapp plus” version, especially after the experience of using it on Android devices, and it gives the user more privacy, as the blue WhatsApp is also featured as well as the WhatsApp application Golden about the original application with several features we review in detail, it is worth noting that this application is completely free, and the application is updated through its website.

WhatsApp Blue Plus
It is a modified application from WhatsApp, it is one of the fast chat applications that enjoy the satisfaction of the user, and the application size is 34 MB, and it can be installed on the mobile starting from the Android 4.1 category, and it has a version number of 8.25.

Blue WhatsApp features
The ability to hide the appearance time, read conversations and stories, and specify the time to hide with the date and time preset.
Change the colors and backgrounds appropriate for the user.
Lock any conversation you want with a secret number, it gives users more privacy.
Writing fonts change and this makes messages wonderfully distinguished.
Additional adjustments to the application of WhatsApp Blue
Also, other features were added alongside the previous features in the new version 2020, including.

The ability to recover deleted messages.
Hide media from photos and videos.
The ability to save the conversation in a zip file and refer to it whenever you want.
Fix application problems.
Constant updates on the blue WhatsApp to suit the user better.

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