A pleasant surprise … A sign in the body of the Egyptians confirms the possibility of immunization against Corona


Every Egyptian owns that mark of tuberculosis vaccine
Tuberculosis is on his left arm, as it has been used in Egypt since ancient times to vaccinate children
Newborns at the age of 3 – 6 months, which may be in the best interests of Egyptians against a virus
Corona at the moment.

After news spread that Australia started using tuber serum BCG In the fight against the Corona virus published the journal Science Mag
A study stating the importance of vaccines such as the mentioned serum in strengthening the immune system to combat any
An infection that may affect the body.

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The death of the smallest case in Europe with the Corona virus .. has not suffered from any disease

Vaccines generally raise immune responses to etiology
Target diseases, such as antibodies that bind and attack one type of virus
No one else.

But serum tuberculosis may increase BCG Also from the ability of the immune system
To combat pathogens other than TB bacteria, according to clinical studies and published
Several decades ago the Danish researchers Peter Abbey and Christine Stapel Benn.

Where they concluded
The vaccine prevents about 30% of infections with any known disease, including viruses, per year
First after giving it.

In 014, the World Health Organization confirmed that tuberculosis appears to be
Child mortality is generally reduced, and clinical trials have since begun to investigate
How to promote
BCG Generally the immune system.

Discover Mihai Nitya, an infectious disease specialist at the medical center
At Radboud University, this vaccine is stronger than what we know about it
First, white blood cells are on the “innate” side of the immune system.

They may deal with what
Up to 99% of infections, if these cells fail, they invoke the “adaptive” immune system,
T cells and B cells producing antibodies begin to divide to join
To fight.

The key to this is that some T cells store things
Antigen, once the virus is eliminated, a small portion of these cells turns into a serum that can fight off
When the virus tries to enter it again, which is exactly what vaccines depend on for its work

The Nitya team has discovered that serum tuberculosis can survive on
The human body for long periods, in a way that does not excite cells
B And the T It just stimulates cells
Fungal blood for a long time, Nitya and her colleagues call it “trained immunity”
It confirms its ability to fight the Coronavirus by supporting and strengthening the immune system.


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