A professor of oncology detonates the corona virus: morphological, not natural


Dr. Yasser Abdel Qader, Professor of Oncology, while hosting the program “On My Responsibility” with the media, Ahmed Moussa, confirmed that the new Corona virus is not like other coronavirus.

“Abdel-Qader” explained his personal belief that the Coronavirus is a creature and not a natural one. It is not the same as a coronavirus because it enters the digestive and respiratory system. Among its strange symptoms is that it causes hearing impairment and we have not seen such before.

The “professor of oncology” stressed that the Corona virus can be cured, but its problem is in its spread that we have not seen before.

He pointed out that cancer patients are the most vulnerable to infection with the Corona virus, because their immunity is weak in resisting the virus and taking immunosuppressive drugs to reduce tumor growth and prevent its spread, pointing out that the most common cancer in Egypt is liver disease and breast cancer in women, and that our lung cancer is insufficient In its coverage of its data in Egypt due to the hospital failure to register patients.


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