“A red evening” ends with an unsuccessful theft attempt … Details of “the pyramid incident”


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Al-Haram Prosecution in Giza ordered, on Saturday, the detention of unemployed people, 4 days, pending investigations with them, accusing them of trying to steal and injure two citizens of one of the Arab countries.

The prosecution, headed by Abdulaziz Othman, decided to release the holders of the citizenship of the Arab state, by personal guarantee, after security services investigations reported that they were spending a red evening at an apartment inhabited by the unemployed, who tried to steal them, after being lured by a girl.

The investigations came that they held Arab citizenship, came to Cairo a few days ago, and they agreed with a girl to practice vice, in exchange for money, and they met the girl with an apartment in the Haram area.

Investigations stated that the girl agreed with “unemployed” to break into the apartment while she was with the two young men, who wanted the forbidden pleasure, to seize their money. »With the accused, they caused a facial injury, and left forearm.

Al-Haram Police Department received a notification of a fight within an apartment, and a person fell from the height, trying to escape, so a security force moved to the apartment in question. Investigations indicated that the incident started with an agreement to practice vice, ended with an unsuccessful theft attempt, and the girl who had planned her fled.

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