A Russian expert blows a surprise: Corona is not a single virus but two different


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A Russian expert in infectious diseases said today, Wednesday, that the new Corona virus (Covid-19), which is currently spreading around the world, is not a single virus, indicating that there are at least two different types of it.

This conclusion is based on data from Chinese scientists, and that the emerging virus is spreading in Europe and regions Others are more frequent than in China and South Korea.

He pointed out that the measures taken by the authorities in both China and South Korea made it possible to significantly reduce the epidemic spread in the two countries, while the measures taken by the Italian authorities and a number of other European countries have achieved little success so far, while the outbreak of the virus remains in “ The old continent »is far from its end, attributing this to the kind of epidemic that is there spreading more quickly.

The Russian expert stressed that this difference will not affect the way to treat people with the virus and test a vaccine against it, explaining that any vaccine that will be produced will be appropriate to confront the two types of the virus.

He pointed out that there is a factor that impedes the efforts to produce a vaccine against the new virus, which is that doctors have not yet identified a kind of animal – in order to use it as a model for testing the vaccine – the symptoms of infection with the Corona virus will be similar to what appears on humans.

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