A sad and frightening scene … Italian army trucks transport the corpses of Corona victims to burn … Video


On Wednesday evening, the Italians looked at a sad scene in which they saw trucks of the Italian army transporting 60 corpses of the new Corona virus to burn in the graves and transporting a handful of the ashes of every deceased to the families of Bergamo, the most afflicted city in the northern Italian province of Lombardy.

According to Al-Arabiya, the families of the victims were forbidden to move to where the bodies were cremated late at night outside the city, for fear of the virus reaching them, so the army was forced to transport their bodies in trucks, which appeared to be running in a slow and silent mass funeral, which was not seen before. The region, not in World War II, where the tomb was the last resting place for the departed.

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The video, which has a duration of less than a minute, appeared at dawn today, Wednesday, after it spread with other clips in sites of communication and the Italian media, some of which stated what appears to be “one of the harshest scenes in which Italy passes these days”, where 475 people died Wednesday In the “Coronian” toll is the largest in one day so far, and with it the number of dead people has risen to more than 3000 until this morning, the constant virus has killed them, the deadly boiling, mostly in apartments and homes days ago.

They burned the bodies, in a cemetery kiln called San Cataldo di Modena, which is expected to arrive 31 new bodies today, Thursday, as 10 vehicles of the army transported the bodies and were burned in the cemetery oven, from which the ash will be distributed to the families of the deceased later.

Those infected with the virus in Italy, reached 35,713 as of Thursday morning, a figure that makes it, with the number of deaths almost close to their number in China, the first globally in the affliction of the virus, relative to the population of one billion and 300 million in China, and adults 60 million in Italy, in addition to the fact that the epidemic appeared Last December in China, and just a month ago in Italy, so it is the largest “Corona” hotspot in the world.

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