A shocking appearance by a famous artist after she suddenly retires


Three and a half months after she suddenly announced her retirement from art and singing, the actress appeared in Sweden for the first time on social media, noting that she suffers from a void, and that she had completely changed because New Look changed her shape.

Sweden’s meeting published a photo of her through her personal account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange site, while she was in Dubai, UAE, and commented on the photo: “Sweden’s meeting in Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, Corona Void.”

After retiring from art, a “meeting” of a new look emerged, changing her hairstyle and appearing by surprise.

It is worth noting that the actress Suwaidan surprised her colleagues and fans by announcing that she will retire art permanently, through a post on her account on the Facebook site, saying: “After a long period of not being able to cope with the changes taking place around us, I decided that I would not be fluctuating between my principles and what I believe in him and a profession with her love and occupation from my childhood, but it is no longer governed by talent or fair standards, a profession that has become a psychological and nervous burden on the artist who respects his art and himself. “

And she continued: “So I decided to leave acting and singing forever from now … irreversible decision, God willing.”

Her announcement caused a shock to her colleagues, but they did not interfere in an attempt to persuade her to reverse the decision and wished her success.


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