A source about the devouring of the Pitbull dog for his English nanny: She refused to warn her close friends


Reda Al-Hosary

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Thursday 5 March 2020 – 10:19 PM
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Thursday 5 March 2020 – 10:19 PM

A security source in the South Sinai governorate confirmed that the investigations of the mabahith, in the case of the killing of an English dog nanny called “Anne Johnson”, after she was exposed to dogs on a farm in Dahab, stressing that the victim brought a dog from the street from the “Pitbull” family.

The “source”, who preferred not to be named, added that those close to her warned her against raising him, but she insisted on taking him to the farm in the Valley of the Dogs, and she said, “I am his offspring.”

On the other hand, a source in South Sinai veterinary confirmed that dogs from the “Pitbull” family are the fiercest types of dogs, and it is the only type that can attack and “bite” its owner.

And Major General Mohammed Khuraisa, director of South Sinai security, had received notification of the death of English “Ann Johnson” 61 years, after being subjected to a fierce attack from a group of dogs.

The security authorities in Dahab City used a veterinarian to anesthetize the 3 dogs, and after the dogs were anesthetized and examined, it was found that there were blood traces on the mouth, and they were preserved, and by presenting to the Public Prosecution, samples of the mouth, pharynx, and tissues of the three dogs were requested in preparation for being sent to the criminal laboratory.

The medical report on the causes of the death of the woman stated that she was subjected to a “hemorrhagic shock”, as a result of a wound that rashes blood vessels in the neck on the left side, and a wound that rashes in the front scalp.

The report confirmed that the lady’s nails showed no traces of resistance, and the report suggested that she was attacked by a group of ferocious dogs, which led to her death.

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