A source with “Health”: Isolation of contacts of the family of the injured Egyptian in Corona – Egypt


An official source in the Ministry of Health and Population said that the Egyptian case, who is infected with the new coronavirus, is on its way to the isolation hospital designated to receive the necessary medical care.

The source pointed out to Al-Watan that the ministry is taking preventive measures against those who are in contact with the case, especially the patient’s family, in addition to conducting the necessary checks for them and isolating those who are in contact with it.

It is mentioned that this case is the third that is discovered in Egypt, the first for a foreign person who was a carrier of the virus, and received excellent medical care, and a PCR analysis was performed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Population, and the World Health Organization, several times, the last of which is after spending 14 days inside the quarantine, The result of the analysis was negative every time, the quarantine left, and the second case of a foreign person announced on Sunday 1 March 2020, and he was isolated in the designated isolation hospital, receiving medical care, and his condition is stable and all his tests confirm the improvement of his health.

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