A Soviet missile exploded, killing 48 people, on this day in space


Today coincides with the memory of a famous space catastrophe, that happened on the same day March 18, but from 1980, when a Soviet missile exploded on the launch pad and killed 48 people, it was a missile Vostok-2M About to launch a new spy satellite called Tselina-DThe blast occurred while military technicians were working on refueling the missile at the launch pad at a port Plesetsk Cosmodrome The highly secret space is a few hundred miles north of Moscow.

According to the site “space” American, the Soviets did not recognize the existence of this secret spaceport until three years after the explosion.

They continued to keep the deadly explosion a secret until 1989, and state officials blamed the human error, but an investigation later identified the defect in the missile’s design, and an investigation into a similar incident revealed that the replacement of lead-containing solder of tin in the hydrogen peroxide filters allowed the dismantling H2O2 , Which caused the resulting explosion.

It is worth noting that the Russian Vostok missiles are a family of missiles, which was a subset of the missile family R-7, And was designed for the human spaceflight program, which launched the first artificial satellite (Sputnik 1) and the first manned spacecraft (Vostok) in human history.

Valentina Nikolayeva Tereshkova also became the first woman to travel to space, on the mission of “Vostok 6” to orbit the Earth 48 times in 70 hours, i.e. for 3 days, who was working in a spinning and weaving factory before she became the first astronaut, and her mission is It is the 12th mission in the history of human missions.


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