A thief begins to slaughter an engineer and his son in the 5th settlement


12:35 PM

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Books – Sameh Ghaith:

Cairo Investigation men arrested the accused of stealing an architect’s villa in Fifth Settlement, after he and his son were wounded.

It is reported to Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Al-Tahyawi, head of the Fifth Congregation Investigation, from the Najda Police, who seized a thief inside “Villa”, Choueifat district, Department of the Department.

By moving and examining with the knowledge of the pioneers, Muhammad Shaalan, Mahmoud Abdel-Salam, Tawfiq Aboud, Mahmoud Tharwat, and Mahmoud Attiya, the department’s investigating officers, it was found that if there was an “H. p.” Architect, and the resident of the author’s office, he had a stab wound to the neck from the left side, He was transferred to the Al-Jawi Specialized Hospital, and he could not be interrogated, and his son, M.H., a student at an engineering college, and residing at the same address, had a superficial wound on the neck, was treated at the same hospital in the villa of their residence, witnessing a person inside the villa as soon as he started to steal its contents, while trying to control it He claimed that another was accompanying him, and beat them with a white weapon, “folded”, somehow No injuries.

We were able to seize it with the help of the people, and it turned out that he was called “EM” unemployed, residing in Qalubia, and in possession of the white weapon used in the perpetration.

Discussing it before Major General Nabil Salim, Director of the General Department of the Cairo Investigation, Brigadier Amr Ibrahim, Head of the Investigations of the New Cairo Sector, and Colonel Samir Magdy, Inspector of the Investigation, confessed to committing the incident as indicated in conjunction with his friend “MA AA, 27 years old, Mbeid Clamshell, denominated with the same address, the latter can be adjusted.

In his confrontation, he denied what was said by the accused, and denied that he was in the location of the incident, or committed it by conducting investigations and collecting information, and through the use of modern techniques, it shows the validity of the latter’s statements, his lack of presence at the villa during the commission of the incident, and by re-discussing the accused and facing investigations with his support.

He pleaded guilty to the incident on his own and acknowledged his allegation to the victim of another presence that accompanied him to terrorize them, and to prevent his arrest.

The necessary minutes were edited, and the Public Prosecution office conducted the investigation.

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