A widow of a billionaire and her two daughters is fine … 10 information about Lujain, a bitten yet


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Saturday 07 March 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

A state of shock and controversy, which was caused by a number of Lebanese and Arab news websites after announcing that the female broadcaster and model were infected with the emerging Corona virus.

Teething gene, she returned from Britain a few days ago, and she felt the temperature is high, so she conducted medical exams at the American University Hospital in Beirut, so that medical examinations revealed her infection with the new Corona virus, and immediately she was transferred to a gene to Rafik Hariri University Hospital to undergo isolation and treatment procedures.

In this report, we provide you with information about a biting gene:

– Logen posted on her personal account on the “Instagram” website, and through the Astori property, a video that talks about her health after she suffered from corona, and said that she only feels pain in her body and head and that she will remain isolated in the hospital until she undergoes tests again, indicating that her children are fine.

– She married Jane Teether at the legendary wedding of the late Saudi billionaire, Walid Al-Juffali, in 2012.

– Upon her marriage, Juffali was 60 years old, and she was a biting gene, at the age of 25, and the party was held in Venice, Italy.

– According to the Lebanese websites in 2012, Lujain wore a $ 2.5 million diamond contract at the wedding ceremony, and a wedding dress valued at $ 247,000, and the cost of the ceremony itself was approximately $ 15 million, a legendary figure that makes the wedding ceremony one of the most expensive parties Wedding in the Arab world.

– The wedding ceremony was held in a luxurious hall that cost 400 thousand dollars, and the ceremony was performed by the international singer Ikon who received 100 thousand dollars, and then all the guests returned to Beirut with a private plane.

Despite the legendary wedding ceremony, Jane’s marriage with Juffali lasted only two years, and the couple separated in 2014, after having had two children.

Her ex-wife, Walid Al-Juffali, died in 2016 of complications from lung cancer.

Lujain obtained her fame by working in the media as a broadcaster for the MTV channel, and also worked at the beginning as a model.

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