Abdel Salam al-Nabulsi, a former cinema, with sterilization and virus protection .. video


She did not leave the Egyptian cinema a topic or an event except and dealt with in one of her films until the spread of epidemics and how to prevent viruses. The talk of the hour now has been a share in the Egyptian cinema. For nearly 60 years, the great comedian Abdel Salam Al Nabulsi in one of the black and white films, which is the movie “Habib Hayati” Production – 1958 was a race for its time by sending a clear message of concern for hygiene and sterilization.

In one of the scenes of the movie in which he embodies the character “Mamdouh” the taxi driver holds a disinfectant and sprinkles the money he gets from his work as a taxi driver, as he sprinkles his customers and sterilizes the car from inside and outside.

Abdel-Salam Al-Nabulsi in this comic scene sets an example for all citizens in the extent of commitment to cleanliness and sterilization imposed by the World Health Organization now, and therefore the Egyptian cinema preceded its era and Nabulsi preceded everyone in prevention and protection from viruses.

Abdul Salam Al Nabulsi in the movie Habib Hayati sterilizes the money
Abdul Salam Al Nabulsi in the movie Habib Hayati sterilizes the money

It is mentioned that the artist Abdel Salam Al-Nabulsi was called (the Count) and moved in his 20 years to Cairo, and worked in the press before going to directing and acting, and participated with big stars such as Ismail Yassin, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohamed Fawzi and Farid Al-Atrash and then returned to Lebanon in 1962, and managed United Arts for Film and married at the age of 60 years, and at the end of his life he was bankrupted by the bankruptcy of (Antra) Bank in Beirut and he was suffering from heart disease and he hid this from his surroundings in order to maintain his artistic career and died on July 5, 1968 due to an acute heart attack.


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