Abdullah Al-Saeed: I preferred Pyramids over Zamalek .. I will go to training after retiring


Abdullah Al Saeed, the pyramids first team soccer game maker, has announced the renewal of his contracts with Pyramids for the next 3 years.

Abdullah Al-Saeed said in televised statements that he does not know his future after that, saying, “The length of Mana Qadir Hadhl I play.”

Al-Saeed added that he will go to the training field after he retired from football and that he is thinking a lot on this point, saying: “I have not set a date for my retirement until now, and I see that I am able to train and I still have this decision.”

Abdullah Al-Saeed said, “He prefers Rajab Bakkar with Pyramids over his transfer to Al-Ahly or Zamalek.” Rajab Bakkar performs a steady performance with Pyramids and I hope that he will continue with the team, which is a great addition to the team. ”

Pyramids playmaker added, “No Shawky Gharib or any member of the device contacted me to join the Olympic team, but I certainly participate.”

Abdullah Al-Saeed continued, that the Zamalek club entered into negotiations with him to include him last summer, stressing: “I preferred to continue with the Pyramids Club despite the temptation of Zamalek, and I aspire to achieve positive results and win tournaments with them.”


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