Abdullah Al-Saeed’s position on entering the Hundred Club and the penalties of Kahraba and Shekabala, as soon as the league is canceled


Football regulations expert Mohamed Bayoumi revealed the current position of Abdullah Al-Saeed, the current Pyramids player, to enter the Club of the Hundred during the current period, especially if a decision was issued to cancel sports activity in Egypt due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the consequence of canceling the Egyptian League competition, and considering the current season as if it was not .

Bayoumi confirmed that the ball player has what he has and what he has to do, in the sense that the league is considered as if it was not, but the players ’participation and the goals he scores are counted for him and not canceled, and thus Al Saeed’s entry into the Hundred Club depends.

The football expert said that the sanctions are the ones that continue only on the players and are not canceled, noting that the penalties of Mahmoud Kahraba, the players of Al-Ahly, Mohamed Abdel-Razek Shikabala and Imam Ashour, players of Zamalek remain in the new season.

Bayoumi continued in special statements: all the results of the league competition are canceled and considered as if not, and it results in the absence of a champion for the competition.

He explained: The league leader who is Al-Ahly is not considered a champion of the competition, and these results are not counted as long as the competition is canceled, and in the event the season starts again, it is considered a new season with the same teams that rose and landed in the Premier League.

There are legal standards if the league is canceled, because everyone is affected by the decision, especially sponsors and clubs, and it is difficult for players to claim full financial dues.

Continued: The solution pays the players salaries according to the percentage of the games that were played, and the sponsoring companies pay the required portion after deducting the percentage of what was reduced according to the games that were played.

Abizaid: This procedure must be adopted by FIFA to be a weapon for the club in the event that a player, especially foreigners, lodges a complaint against his club.

This speech concluded in the FIFA list concluded with the item of security and safety related to the coercive conditions, which includes the spread of epidemics that affect citizens as is the case with the KUNA virus, which caused the cessation of sports activity in various countries of the world, and the disruption of continental and continental competitions and international competitions around the world.


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