Adly al-Qayi reveals the differences between Al-Khatib, Hassan Hamdi and Saleh Selim


Adly Al-Qai’i, the contracting consultant for Al-Ahly Club, revealed the most important differences between Saleh Salim and Hassan Hamdi, the former club presidents, and Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the current club president.In statements to Al-Ahly, Al-Qaei affirmed that Salim Salim was a democratic person and consulted with everyone to make the most appropriate decision, stressing that it was impossible to return in a decision previously taken in addition to being a person who has no moral error or uttering lies.

He added that Hassan Hamdi possesses a wonderful administrative mentality that has no parallel, stressing that he was a dictator and held onto his opinion very much.

He went on to say that Al-Khatib, Saleh Selim and Hassan Hamdi all adhered to the principles and morals of Al-Ahly and would never deviate from them.


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