Adly Al-Qiai: There is news of the signing with “Fathi” .. She asked his representative for clarification


Adly Al-Qai’i, advisor to the Contracting Committee of Al-Ahly Club, revealed that there were some reports that were circulated during the last period on the renewal of Ahmed Fathi, the back of the Red Team, which spread to his signature with the player.

Adly Al-Qiai said during a television statement to Al-Ahly that he had asked the player’s agent Ahmad Fathi Nader Shawky finish the matter as soon as possible and clarity in negotiating matters and declaring the desire to continue in Al Ahly or leave.

Adly Al-Qaei indicated that there is a strong relationship between him and Ahmed Fathi, the captain of the Red Team, for many years, at the time of insisting on his inclusion to Al-Ahly since she was present in Sheffield United.

While the Planning Committee for the ball in Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mohsen Saleh, set at eleven oclock on Monday, the date for a meeting with Ahmed Fathi, the player of the first football team, to resolve the renewal of his contract, which ends with the club at the end of the current season, and both Mr. Abdel Hafeez, the director of the ball, and Amir Tawfiq Director Contracts to inform Ahmed Fathi and his representative of the date and venue of the meeting.

Al-Ahly club officials are waiting for the decision to renew Ahmed Fathi’s team renewal file, which ends at the end of the current season, especially after the renewal session was postponed more than once. Al-Masry in general and among Al-Ahly walls in particularHamad Fathi From holding a decisive session, after the player failed to attend two sessions to renew his contract with Al-Ahly, the first was last Thursday afternoon, on the pretext of being outside Cairo with his family, where Ahmed Fathi told Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football in Al-Ahly, last Wednesday evening that he will not attend Thursday’s session and will attend Sunday’s session because of The circumstances of his being outside Cairo before the player postponed the Sunday session, claiming the club closed its doors.

Al-Ahly awaits determining the fate of Ahmed Fathi, especially after the club decided the fate of the trio, Sharif Ikrami, Hossam Ashour and Walid Suleiman, as it was agreed to leave Ikrami and Ashour at the end of the current season, while Walid Suleiman’s contract was renewed for two seasons.


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