Afasha: Pyramids threatened me to join Zamalek … and Abdel Hafeez told me to join you 4 times


Mohamed Magdi Afsha, Al-Ahly playmaker, confirmed that Abdullah Al-Saeed, the star of Pyramids and the national team, is the best player in the center of the stadium praising his performance and his art, especially that he played with him in Pyramids before moving to the Red Castle.

Mohamed Magdy added Revenge During his hosting of the “Ontime Stadium” program on the Ontime Sport channel, Abdullah Al-Saeed is a great player and any player enjoys playing next to him because of his easy and very difficult way to play by another player. He continued that Abdullah Al-Saeed is the best player who played next to him and that Amr Al-Sulaya is a player Central Al-Ahly plays an important role in building the Red Team attack in the team’s matches.

Magdy Afsha revealed his conversation with Al-Saqr Ahmed Hassan, who confirmed that he would play for Al-Ahly during the qualification period he was running on the Pyramids team at the time and confirmed that the coach of Pyramids at the time asked him to play for Zamalek until he completed his agreement to bring in Ibrahim Hassan, which he rejected him permanently and entered with him in the stage Challenge hours before the transfer window was closed, Afsha said that Pyramids officials threatened him not to pay his remaining dues until he signed for Zamalek, but he refused and the matter was in the end my move to the Red Fort.

Afsha also clarified that Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football in Al-Ahly, assured him before joining the Red Fort that he wanted to be in the island of the island more than 4 times, adding: “Mr. Abdel Hafeez told me I want you in Al-Ahly since I was in Raja Al-Matrouhi and then in all the clubs that played To her “, stressing that he feels proud of his presence in the red flame and that he is more desirable and loves his club in the universe and that his affiliation has not been announced for long periods of time out of respect for his presence in the club of Anabi, who played for 11 years.


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