Afroto: I was delighted at Al-Ahly’s super loss to Zamalek


Mustafa Afroto, the former star of Al-Ahly, said he felt joy after the Red Genie lost the local super title in front of Zamalek with a penalty shootout.

Afroto explained in special statements the reasons for his joy in losing Al-Ahly in front of Zamalek, saying: “Fyler, when he achieved successive victories, felt the arrogance of this loss until he woke up and focused in the next most important matches.”

Zamalek crowned the local super title after defeating the red genie with a penalty shootout after the end of the original time with a negative tie between the two teams.

Afroto played in the center of the striker’s midfield or second striker and fought the experience of playing in Al-Ahly, Al-Ittihad, then Misr Al-Maqasah, Damanhour, and Al-Ismaili contracted for a period of four years.

And like the Egyptian team UFO 23, and he was called “Afroto” because of his speed, skills and unexpected moves on the field.

Mustafa Mahmoud Mohamed Selim Afroto was a true football talent that does not extinguish its luster in the stadiums, charged with bullets and creative guns of high caliber, and realized from an early age that football is the love of millions, so I love it and unleash his talent among the popular arenas in the red corner area that witnessed birth and move from it to the beginners of Al Ahly Club To start the journey of stardom .

Afroto is the last cluster of talented people who came out of the cloak of the red corner area, the popular district that was taken out of the kiss of the Egyptian star and Al-Ahly Club, Dr. Mustafa Abdo.

Afroto is also one of the players known for his good lightness, especially when he meets with his old colleagues in Al-Ahly, most notably Saad Eddin Samir.


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