After a historic high yesterday .. I know the price of gold today, Wednesday 4 March 2020 in the jewelery shops


Gold prices stabilized today, Wednesday, after a historical high yesterday, and the gram rose about 24 pounds once, to record its highest levels in two weeks, while citizens accept to follow the gold prices because of its association with the daily status as a saving container, or as a safe haven and have their interests deeply in the hearts of the public, and families are keen to buy Gold in occasions, gifts and marriage, where demand for 21-carat gold rises, while tourism is considered the precious metal in times of economic crisis.

UnitThe price is in Egyptian pounds
24 caliber816
21 caliber715
Pound of gold5720
An ounce of gold1635 dollars

We offer you gold prices, moment by moment, and follow-up of new events

Gold prices were affected locally and globally from the spread of the new Corona virus, and disturbances and declines hit the stock market and global exchanges, while the movement of domestic tourism was affected and some factories stopped working.

Gold prices have recorded a significant increase since the beginning of the persistent fear of investors about the increasing deaths of the emerging “Corona virus” outside the Chinese territories, and they turned to the precious metal as a safe haven, which raised the demand for it, increasing more than 6% since the beginning of 2020.

After a historic rise yesterday .. Know the price of gold today, Wednesday 4 March 2020 in Al-Sagha Shops 1

The World Gold Council predicts prices have doubled

Globally, Carlos Artigas, director of investment research at the World Gold Council, expected gold prices to continue to rise in the coming days following the surprising decision of the US central bank to cut interest rates.

He explained that gold prices globally will continue to rise to weakness in the long run in the period when interest rates are negative, indicating that businessmen may consider replacing part of their investments in bonds to gold.

Average gold prices today at Al Sagha stores in Egypt without workmanship
UnitThe price of gold in Egyptian pounds
24 caliber818 to 821
22 caliber750 to 752
21 caliber716 to 718
18-gauge614 to 615
Caliber 14477 to 479
12-gauge409 to 410
The ounce25,449 to 25,520
Pound of gold5,728 to 5,744
Kilo818,286 to 820,571
Gold prices may vary from one goldsmith to another


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