After a session with Abdul Hafeez .. Ikrami reveals the truth about his departure from Al-Ahly .. Video


Sharif Ikrami, the first team soccer goalkeeper at Al-Ahly Club, confirmed that the club will not bypass anything or the decision to complete or terminate a contract except by order of the club.

Ikrami added, during a telephone interview with the media, Hani Hathout, on the broadcast program on the echo of the country, that Al-Ahly is his home and there is no one to overtake that and his presence among the walls of the club is a big matter, there is no disagreement on him, but his participation will take place in which he will talk with Fyler and the technical staff.

“Ekrami” pointed out that everything that has been reported in the last period about his departure from Al-Ahly or my signature of another club is nothing but rumors that nothing is true.

Hani Hathout replied that next week, a session would be held between Ekrami and Al-Ahly football manager, Abdul Hafeez, to discuss his contract with the Red Castle.

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