After analyzing 1832 suspected cases of having a “corona” .. “Health” announces the results


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Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced the conduct of analyzes of 1832 suspected cases of infection with the new Corona virus (Covid-19) in Egypt, from January to Tuesday, stressing that all of them were negative, except for the two foreigners, who were announced Advance.

The Minister of Health and Population indicated that he had not proven the positive of any suspected case of infection of the Corona virus emerging in Egypt until now, except for two cases, the first for a foreign person who was a carrier of the virus, and received excellent medical care, and the analysis of «pcr» for him under the supervision of both the Ministry of Health and Population , And the World Health Organization, several times in a row, most recently after 14 days in quarantine. The result of the analysis was negative each time, and he left quarantine.

“Zayed” added that the second case of a foreign person was announced last Sunday, and he was immediately isolated in the isolation hospital designated for that, indicating that he is receiving medical care, and his condition is stable, explaining that those who contacted him were confined and the necessary analyzes were performed for 7 of them and the results were negative For the virus, and all precautions were taken against them.

She added that a quarantine was made for all employees at the workplace as a precautionary measure, and was provided with 3 clinics for medical survey, and 6 ambulances equipped with 3 self-sterilizing cars, and 4 seminars were organized to raise awareness of ways to prevent against any viruses or infectious diseases, in addition to holding 2 courses Training for the team concerned with following up prevention procedures inside the workplace, confirming that no suspected cases of Coronavirus emerging from contact with the foreign person are suspected.

The Minister of Health and Population revealed that the necessary analyzes were conducted for 12 suspected cases of infection of the new Corona virus, today, for Egyptian and foreign people in fever hospitals in various governorates of the Republic, and the results were all negative.

And «Zayed» pointed out that analysis was done for 32 cases coming from Umrah suspected of being infected with the virus, and all the results were negative.

The Minister of Health and Population reaffirmed that no new infected or suspected cases of infection with the Corona virus in all governorates of the Republic were monitored except for what has been announced, noting that once any infection is suspected, it will be announced immediately, with full transparency in accordance with international health regulations, and in coordination with the World Health Organization.

The Ministry of Health and Population continues to raise its preparedness in all ports of the country (air, land, and marine), and follow-up of the situation in an up-to-date manner regarding the “emerging corona virus”, confirming that all necessary preventive measures are taken against any viruses or infectious diseases.

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